GPU accelerated SMT constraint solving

By applying traditional fuzzing techniques, we achieved high throughput SMT constraint solving. We were able to achieve 23 billion execs/s using GPU acceleration.

CUDA Reversing Challenge

This year’s CSAW quals was the first time I authored a challenge, the challenge is called krakme and it was a 200pt rev challenge. You can view the challenge files in the repo here. The idea for this challenge was formed after reading this paper The impact of GPU-assisted malware on memory forensics: A case study, in fact gpu has been used by malware and anti-virus software. For malware, it can be used as a means to hide malicious code, and unpack it via an OpenCL/Cuda kernel, even via shader code, and in defense, it can be used to speed up memory scanning and to avoid slowing down the system by offloading the task to gpu. If you are a gamer, you might want to make sure this is off though.

DawgCTF 2020 - Where we roppin boys?

CTF Writeup for DawgCTF 2020: Where we roppin boys?


Vasilisk is a V8 JIT fuzzer that focuses on optimization passes.

Reverse Engineering Go, Part II

This post is on how the Ghidra decompiler works, and how to make it work for Go. Part 1

Reverse Engineering Go, Part I

This will be part of a multi-part post on Go binaries and reverse engineering them. Part 2

DIY Binary Analysis with OBIN

To learn how tools like IDA work under the hood, and learn more about binary analysis, I made OBIN for Osiris Binary analysis tool which does the following:

  • Parsing the elf file and show the information in the header
  • Disassembling the sections which include program code (there is also an experimental gui with TkInter)
  • Generating the function call graph
  • Checking whether a sequence of syscalls or function calls can happen during the execution of the program

Introducing Our New Hackers In Residence

The OSIRIS Lab is very happy to welcome two new Hackers in Residence this fall! Nick Gregory, whose contributions as a lab member the past several years have been invaluable, and Alexei Bulazel, whose lectures have been incredibly insightful and forced us to learn. We look forward to working with you both!