SchoolCTF: Deadlamps

The Key Is superline. (Image taken down;

Hey guys here is a quick writeup on the Deadlamps challenge from SchoolCTF

The gif above is a simple leftbound scrolling text across a figurative set of lamps

No real context is give for the challenge other than that it there is some sort of text moving across the gif that we need to find out.

All that is needed to find the hidden text is a program that can edit gifs. Personally I found using gimp or easy gif animator made it rather easy. First open the gif in gimp. To pull out the text easily all we need to do is speed up the gif so as we save the gif and speed it up as gimp offers to in the save options. Once we get gif up to speed it’s easy enough to see the hidden message.

Using easy gif animator all you need to do is open it up, press fast forward a few times and you can see it pretty clearly.

“the key is superline”

And there’s our key.