CTFd - CTFs as you need them


Capture The Flags (CTFs) are how the those of us in the computer security industry test both ourselves and each other. This year for CSAW CTF I completely rewrote the website behind the CTF to make it easier for myself and future organizers to administrate.

CTFd, as I’ve named this software, has plenty of uses outside the competitive scene and we’ve used it to teach our Hack Night program and as recruitment for our CTF team.

CTFd has everything you need to run a large scale CTF or a small classroom exercise. CTFs are one of the fastest growing educational mediums and their versatility in both testing and teaching is unmistakable.

Prioritizing ease of deployment, administration, and use, CTFd takes less than 5 minutes to get onto a network and there are very few scenarios in which you have to leave your web browser to manage it.

Today, I’m happy to both open source CTFd and provide a hosted solution available to everyone.

CTFd development is ongoing, and there are so many more features to add, but I hope that you can make as much use of CTFd as we have.

Kevin Chung