Android Security 101 -- IG Learner

This app was released in this year’s Shmoocon’13 by Intrepidus Group. You can get the app from the Google play store. This app as the name suggests is an android security learner app, there are deliberate vulnerabilities in this app from bad logging to intent manipulation. There will series of blog posts which gives  a walk through of each lesson.

29c3ctf - minesweeper

Challenge Overview

Escaping Python Sandboxes

Note: This is all written for Python 2.7.3. These details might be different in other versions of Python - especially 3+!

CSAW CTF: HorseForce Writeup

This time around, I’d written a challenge for CSAW CTF. There were 32 challenges, in all sorts of topics such as Web, Reversing, Exploitation, etc. The challenge I wrote was the 300 point Web challenge, HorseForce.