Vasilisk is a V8 JIT fuzzer that focuses on optimization passes.

Reverse Engineering Go, Part II

This post is on how the Ghidra decompiler works, and how to make it work for Go. Part 1

Reverse Engineering Go, Part I

This will be part of a multi-part post on Go binaries and reverse engineering them. Part 2

DIY Binary Analysis with OBIN

To learn how tools like IDA work under the hood, and learn more about binary analysis, I made OBIN for Osiris Binary analysis tool which does the following:

  • Parsing the elf file and show the information in the header
  • Disassembling the sections which include program code (there is also an experimental gui with TkInter)
  • Generating the function call graph
  • Checking whether a sequence of syscalls or function calls can happen during the execution of the program