A Brief Exploration of CVE-2018-10938

Hey! It’s been a while since our last post, but be on the lookout for drops of CTF writeups, security research project updates, and more.

Hack.lu CTF 2017 Indianer Write Up

This is a writeup of the Indianer challenge from Hack.lu 2017

CSAW CTF 2017 Revisiting Auir

This is a short post to (hopefully) answer some of the questions that I have received about my exploit auir.py and talk about a few interesting things that I have found.

CSAW CTF 2017 Infrastructure Overview

We’ve had a few people ask us over the past couple of years how we deploy CTFd and our challenges to serve the more than 2000 teams we have in CSAW CTF Quals, so here’s a quick post explaining how we do it.